Inclusive education

Inclusive education

The legal basis of inclusive education in Kazakhstan is United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, adopted in resolution 44/95 of 11/20/1989 and ratified in the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1994. All participating states recognize that a mentally or physically disabled child should lead a full and dignified life, in conditions that ensure his dignity, promote his self-confidence and facilitate his active participation in society. In recognition of the special needs of a child with special educational needs, assistance is provided, if possible, free of charge, taking into account the financial resources of parents or other persons providing care for the child, and is aimed at providing such a child with effective access to services in the field of medical care, restoration of health, preparation for work and access to services.

On December 20, 1993, the UN General Assembly adopted the Standard Rules on the Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities, which in Kazakhstan is used as a methodological basis for the development of a regulatory framework for inclusive education. According to these Rules, states should recognize the principle of equal opportunities in primary, secondary and higher education for children, youth and adults with disabilities, as well as ensure that the education of persons with disabilities is an integral part of the general education system. 

The Dakar Framework for Action: Education for All (Dakar, Senegal, 26-28.04.2000) was approved at the World Education Forum on creating a safe, healthy, inclusive learning environment favorable for successful learning and achieving clearly defined levels of academic achievement for all, with equitable provision of resources. 

The university has more than 30 educational programs, according to which students have the opportunity to study by distance technology, in cases of their transfer for health reasons. 

In 2015, the regulation on psychological and pedagogical support of inclusive education was approved (R.13.01/2015), which is aimed at assisting in the assimilation of educational material by mentors at departments. 

The university has a psychological office in the academic building No. 2, whose activities are aimed at supporting students with special educational needs.

Also, students can get advice on helplines in a round-the-clock format. 

A commission has been established with the Vice-rector for Social Affairs and Educational Work on the consideration of cases of students with special needs to provide discounts for tuition in the amount of 25 to 100% or award a grant from the rector. 

The list of educational programs for which distance learning technology is used

Code of the educational programName of the educational program (in Russian)Name of the educational program (in Kazakh)Name of the educational program (in English)

Педагогика и психология 


Педагогика және психология 


Pedagogy  and  psychology 
26В01302Педагогика и методика начального обучения 

Бастауыш оқытудың педагогикасы мен әдістемесі


Pedagogy  and   methodology  of primary education
36В01403Начальная военная подготовка Алғашқы әскери дайындық Initial  military   preparation
46В01404Физическая культура и спорт Дене шынықтыру және  спорт Physical  education   and  sport
66В01606История ТарихHistory
76В01707Казахский язык и литература Қазақ тілі және әдебиеті  Kazakh  language   and  literature 
86В01708Английский язык с дополнительным изучением второго иностранного языка (немецкий, турецкий)Ағылшын тілі екінші шет тілін қосымша оқытумен (неміс, түрік)English language with an additional learning of the second foreign language (German, Turkish)
96В01509Химия- БиологияХимия - БиологияChemistry-Biology
106В01510География и история География  және тарих Geography  and   history 
116В02111Графический дизайн 

Графикалық дизайн


Graphic  design 
126В02212Отечественная и всемирная история Отандық және әлемдік тарихDomestic  and   world  history
136В02313Казахская филология Қазақ филологиясы Kazakh  philology
146В02314Русская филология Орыс филологиясы Russian  philology
166В04116Экономика Экономика Economics
176В04117Учет и аудит Есеп және аудит Accounting  and   audit
196В04119Государственное и местное управление Мемлекеттік және жергілікті басқару   Public  and   local  management 
206В04220Юриспруденция Құқықтану Jurisprudence
216В06122Информатика Информатика Informatics
226В06123IT в здравоохранении Денсаулық сақтаудағы ITIT  in   healthcare
236В06124Вычислительная техника и программное обеспечение 

Есептеу техникасы және бағдарламалық қамтамасыз ету   


Computer  engineering   and  software 
246В07125Электроэнергетика Электроэнергетика Electroenergy
256В07326Промышленное и гражданское строительство 

Өнеркәсіптік және азаматтық құрылыс


Industrial  and  civil  engineering

Стандартизация, сертификация и метрология в строительстве


Құрылыстағы стандарттау, сертификаттау және метрология


Standardization,  certification  and   metrology  in  construction


276В10228Социальная работа Әлеуметтік жұмыс Social  work
286В11329Организация перевозок, движения и эксплуатация транспорта  Көлікті пайдалану және жүк қозғалысы мен тасымалдауды ұйымдастыру Organization  of   transportations, movement   and  exploitation  of transport
296В12330Правоохранительная деятельность 

Құқық қорғау қызметі


Law  enforcement
306В03131Политология Саясаттану Politology
316В01732Русский язык и литература в школах с нерусским языком обучения Орыс тілінде оқытпайтын мектептердегі орыс тілі мен әдебиеті   Russian  language   and  literature  in non-Russian  language   schools