Psychological assistance service for students

Psychological assistance service for students

Psychological Assistance Service for students of Alikhan Bokeikhan University

Dear ABU students!

We are glad to remind you that we have a Psychological Assistance Service for students at our University.

The purpose of the psychological service is to preserve the mental health of students, create a favorable socio–psychological climate in the organization of education and provide psychological support to participants in the educational process.

The main tasks of the psychological service:

- promoting the personal and intellectual development of participants in the educational process, creating conditions for self-development, self-education, positive attitude to the world, and socialization in modern society;

- providing psychological assistance to students in their successful socialization in a rapidly developing information society;

- development of self-control skills based on the internal resources of the individual;

- formation of stress resistance, provision of scenarios for overcoming stress; 

- improving the psychological culture of the subjects of the educational process;

- providing assistance to students in overcoming learning difficulties and socio-emotional problems.

These and other tasks are implemented in various areas of the psychological service: psychological counseling, psychological education, psychological prevention, individual psychological diagnostics.

To get the services of a psychological service, you need to call +7 705 625 09 89 or leave a request via the WhatsApp application to the coordinator of the service Aleksashina Tatiana Konstantinovna.

We are open to any suggestions and questions!

The psychological service of Alikhan Bokeikhan University is waiting for you!


Head of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, Ph.D.

__________________ Sultanova N. K.

 "05" 09. 2022

Work schedule of the psychological service office of Alikhan Bokeikhan University:

Monday        10:00-16:00

Wednesday   10:00-16:00

Friday           10:00-16:00

Address: Abai region, Semey, 44 Schmidt Street, building №3 of Alikhan Bokeikhan University, office №15. 

Coordinator: Aleksashina Tatiana Konstantinovna

Contact phone: +7 705 625 03 89