Education-methodical board

Education-methodical board

General provisions

Educational advisory board (EAB) University is a permanent collective body under the vice-rector for educational and methodical work. EAB works out main directions of methodical work at the University, coordinates the interaction of faculties, departments and other structural divisions of the university participating in the educational process in the field of methodical work, and facilitates the introduction of promising areas of scientific and methodological support of educational process in order to improve the level of training.

EAB in its activities is guided by regulations of the Ministry of Education and Science of RK, RUMC for higher and postgraduate education in the development and improvement of education, as well as the University Charter, these Regulations, the Scientific Council of the decisions, orders and instructions of the rector. The scope of powers of EAB is to prepare decisions in the field of educational and methodical activities.

Activities educational methodical council

The main areas of activity are the EAB:

  • Strategic planning and coordination of the teaching work in order to improve the quality of university education.
  • Monitoring, analysis and evaluation of the quality of teaching work in the university.
  • Promotion of faculties and departments of normative-methodical documentation and recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science and the UMU instructional literature.
  • Promoting scientific support of educational and methodical activities in the university.
  • Participation in the organization and conduct of activities carried out

Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan and EAB in preparation for licensing, certification and accreditation of the university.

  • organization of conferences, seminars and meetings on problems of higher and further education.

Organization of activity of the educational methodical council

  • The work of the EAB headed by the chairman, and in his absence the chairman substituent. Chairman of EAB is rector at the meetings in discussions on educational and methodical work. Current activities provided by EAB Educational Department.
  • EAB operates in accordance with the annual plan, which is based on the strategic goals of the University in the field of quality of education, developed by the working group of EAB (chairman, deputy chairman and chairmen of EAB faculties, heads of methodical commissions of the EAB ) and approved at the last in the current academic year meeting of the Academic Council of the University.
  • Chairman of EAB shall submit an annual report on the work of the Academic Council.
  • To achieve the objectives, meeting preparation, examination at EAB created temporary working groups and permanent commissions. The work of commissions and working groups carried out according to the plans drawn up by the heads of these committees and groups and adopted at a meeting of EAB. Head of the commission are the chairman of EAB reports on the work at the end of the school year, recommendations for improvement of the educational process and work plan for the next school year.
  • Meetings of the EAB conducted in accordance with the work plan, but at least twice per semester. The agenda of the next meeting and materials to it are sent to the members of the UMC in advance. Meetings of the EAB are open to all employees of the university.
  • EAB Solutions accepted by voting members present EAB. IRO decision is considered adopted if it receives at least 50% of those present.
  • EAB meetings Decisions are made in a methodical and information letters, decisions, orders, projects of decisions of the Academic Council and Rector of draft orders.