Alikhan Bokeikhan University






Rules for making appeals

  1. An electronic appeal may contain a statement, complaint, proposal or request.
  2. Electronic appeals sent through the main website ( ) Alikhan Bokeikhan University (hereinafter referred to as the University), are submitted for consideration to the department for working with citizens' letters. The University provides objective, comprehensive and timely consideration of applications.
  3. Electronic appeals are registered within three days and sent, depending on the content, to the structural divisions of the University. The application is considered within 30 days from the date of registration. An electronic appeal containing issues whose solution is not within the competence of the University is sent within seven days from the date of registration to the appropriate body or to the appropriate official whose competence includes the solution of the issues raised in the appeal, with notification of the citizen who sent the appeal.
  4. An electronic appeal is not considered if: there is no surname and name of the applicant; there are obscene or offensive expressions in the text; there is a threat to the life, health and property of an official, as well as his family members in the text; when typing a non-cyrillic keyboard layout or only capital letters; there is a question in the text to which the applicant has already been given a written response on the merits in connection with previously sent appeals.
  5. The response to the applicant of the appeal is sent to the address (e-mail or postal) specified when filling out the form.
  6. When considering an appeal, it is not allowed to disclose the information contained in the appeal, as well as information concerning the private life of a citizen, without his consent. Information about applicants' personal data is stored and processed in compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on personal data.
  7. The appeals received through the website are summarized and submitted to the University management for information. The answers to the most frequently asked questions will be published periodically by the University leaders.