General information

General information

In order to consolidate graduates, strengthen the university's ties with graduates, and develop the system of external relations, the first meeting of the initiators of the Alumni Association was held at the university on September 30, 2014.

The public Association "Alumni Association" was registered on January 22, 2015. A preliminary work plan and a long-term development plan of the Association have been developed.

The Association implements the project "Altyn uyaga - tagzym", within which graduates of different years provide social support to university students. For this purpose, a competition "Support Scholarships" of the ABU Alumni Association was held. More than 3,000,000 tenge was allocated for this scholarship for a one-time scholarship to support 100 students. In addition to scholarships, the Endowment Fund of the Association launched a grant competition to help low-income students pay for their studies.

Within the framework of the ABU Graduate Success Story project, successful graduates talk about their activities and achievements. From their own experience, they share how they can use the knowledge they have gained at the university and how to become a professional in their field.

The award ceremony of successful graduates is held annually AlikhanBokeikhan University for its contribution to the development and strengthening of the image of the University in the Republic of Kazakhstan, where it is awarded the badge "Honorary Graduate of ABU".

The ABU Alumni Association has become a full-fledged partner in supporting Almamater's social policy. For the university, cooperation with graduates is one of the important components in the development strategy.

Thus, the creation of the Association made it possible to create a single information platform that allows people to keep in touch with each other who have received a common education at the same university, who work in the field having common interests.