Information about faculty

Information about faculty


Dean of the Faculty
Iskakova Marzhan Orazgaliyevna, doctor PhD
Shmidta str. 44, office 36
+7(7222) 77-31-12
Corporate mail of the faculty:
Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs
Shayakhmetova Gulmira Amangeldinovna
Deputy Dean for Educational Work
Sailaugazy Naziken Kairatovna
Maitkanova Kulzhan Kuralovna, methodologist of the faculty

Brief information

Faculty of Humanities trains for colleges, schools, vocational schools for several teaching professions and social work professionals. Education at the faculty are highly qualified professionals in the field of socio - humanitarian, psychological - Pedagogical Sciences in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages.
Currently, the faculty of the Department 3: Department of social -humanitarian Sciences, Department of Philology and the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology.

Educational programs

Bachelor course
6В01101 Pedagogy and Psychology
6В01201 Preschool education and upbringing
6В01302 Pedagogy  and  methodology  of primary education
6В01505 Geography
6В01606 History
6В01707 Kazakh language and literature
6В01708 Foreign language: two foreign languages
6В01510 Geography- History
6В02212 Domestic and world history
6В02313 Kazakh philology
6В02314 Russian philology
6В03115 Philology
6В01732 Russian language and literature in non-Russian language schools
6В10233 Social work in the health care system
7М01101 Pedagogy and Psychology
7М01602 History
7М02303 Philology 
Doctoral studies 
8D01101 Pedagogy and Psychology
8D01602 History 
8D02303 Philology

Material and technical base

 self-knowledge room;
 office of psychological unloading;
 classroom of pedagogical skills;
 Center for Psychological and Pedagogical Research;
 office of psychological and pedagogical correction
 lecture rooms equipped with a multimedia interactive whiteboard
 language laboratory
The university library is located in the building, which includes:
- subscription;
- common reading room for 100 seats;
- scientific hall;
- media library hall for 25 seats;
- hall of periodicals for 40 seats;
- a reading room in the hostel for 20 seats.

Educational work

Educational work at the faculty is carried out at three levels: adaptation (1-2 courses) - frontal forms of work, public events; group forms of work; individual personality-oriented educational work.
Faculty students are actively involved in the work of youth organizations: the Youth Affairs Committee, Debate Club "Everest", creative association "Urker", "Zhas otan", the Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan, Enactus.