General information

General information

At ABU University

All the necessary conditions have been created for the successful implementation
of educational and professional activities. one of the unconditional criteria
of the university's achievements available today in the domestic space and at the international level
is the availability of modern developed infrastructure and comfortable conditions for
study, work, recreation of students and teachers of the university

All comfortable conditions for students' accommodation have been created
There is a cinema hall, a reading room, a dining room
On each floor there is a utility room, shower rooms, laundry
Round-the-clock security
A Wi-Fi system is installed

The fire alarm system is installed in all rooms
Equipped with a video surveillance system

Note: Places in the "House of Students" are distributed among faculties at the beginning of the academic year in proportion to the student body. At the same time, the priority right to move in is granted to orphans, disabled students, from low-income families, nonresidents.