Common information

Common information

Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee


  • Qualified teaching staff
  • Grants from the Rector and trustees
  • Scholarship of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Multilingual training
  • Opportunity to continue postgraduate education: master's degree, PhD doctoral studies
  • Double Diploma Educational Program for Students of KazHLIU
  • Opportunities for studying at a foreign university in the framework of academic mobility programs
  • Military department for training reserve officers for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Involvement of employers in the development of curricula of academic disciplines
  • 8 academic buildings with computer classrooms, interactive whiteboards, and specialized laboratories
  • Special grants on social projects "Serpin 2050"
  • Preparation course
  • Student Business Incubator
  • Long-term agreements on the organization of all kinds of practices and internships in the state bodies and companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Student House for 500 people
  • Sports Complex


  • Opportunity to apply for a grant
  • Master's Degree, Master of Science
  • The Road to Science
  • Teaching in the university
  • Academic mobility or getting double diplomas
  • Opportunity of admission to doctoral program
  • Additional professional specialization
  • Career advancement
  • Secondary school teachers can receive an additional payment in the amount of 10 MCI