Department of international cooperation

Department of international cooperation

Vice-rector for International Cooperation
Elena Shustova
Senior specialist of the Department of International Cooperation
Laura Baitleuova
Teacher-philologist of the Center for Multilingual Education
Nadirbayeva Togzhan Nurumkyzy


Establishment of partnership relations with foreign universities, consistent with the interests of the strategic development of the University.

Development of joint educational programs with foreign partner universities (double-degree programs of Bachelor and Master levels).

Development and coordination of foreign scientific internship programs for master and doctoral students of all specialties of the University.

Management of joint scientific programs and projects of the University.

Development and implementation of programs of external academic mobility of bachelor and master students, and teachers of the University.

Preparation and carrying out of international events at the University (including scientific and practical conferences, forums, seminars, with the involvement of scientists from foreign universities).

Performing representative functions on behalf of the University at international events.

Creating a positive image of the University on the international market of educational services.

Attracting international students for training.

Fundraising. Searching for additional sources of funding for the University's international programs and projects.

Management and coordination of the University's international service